Wednesday, May 14, 2008

well, there's not alot of news to report around here lately. i'm still waiting for a few lagging packages to come in from my first etsy haul-in *it's getting so big i don't think i'm going to be able to take pics of it anymore! not to mention the fact that i hate taking pics!*

the rain has started falling outside as i write this. it rained last night also, woke up the baby, she was freaked out, it's the first time we've really had a thunderstorm here since she's been old enough to be scared. she's almost 13 months, and i can't tell you when it rained last. it's quite depressing.

anyhoo- i do have a small but very exciting thing to mention! i joined the "fiber of the month swap" for may on craftster! once a month, people get paired up with partners, and then you send each other a similar weight of fibers, and then you get to spin all your goodies, and show them off in the forums! it's quite exciting, i looked at the archived forums for april and march, and literally EVERYONE was thrilled with what they got, and they're all really nice! i got paired up with the moderator, frankierevolver *i think bc i had made a post about not wanting to be a crappy swapper bc i was nervous my partner wouldn't like what i sent them, but she's SUPER-sweet, and we both like to spin the more funky, artsy type yarns, so we're perfect partners for each other! i can't WAIT to see how it goes!

right now i'm carding up some batts for her with the black and white mixed roving i got from sheep shed studios with this AMAZING sari silk i JUST got from woolpeddler, it's still attatched to woven pieces, it's like, they literally just removed it from the loom when they messed it up, but it's not cut or ripped or anything, so there's all these amazing little woven bits and little strips that look like ribbon, and i will send her some of this too, on the side. the only other thing i KNOW i'm going to send her right now is this silk cap i dyed yesterday, in these AMAZING colors, they are just beautiful, and while i was dyeing it, i thought it was going to look like shite all together, but it came out really nice! *i foiled the dye pot anarchist!!!! mwahahahaha!!* i hope she likes it, she said she'd never spun from a silk cap before, so that will be nice!

this pic may look weird to you, it's a drying rack on top of my clothes dryer, but it doesn't exactly fit, so it has to be hung over the back, and then the front feet come over the front *when i bought i was pretty sure the listing said it fit in a normal bathtub, so i figured it would fit on my washer/dryer.... it doesn't fit on either* anways- that's where the weirdo nobs are coming from

and some gratuitous shots of the monsters! well, they're not TOTALLY pointless, this is ONE of my etsy purchases *from the 1st round* this is a pound of leftovers i bought from a lady who didn't know what to do with them, and she had this INCREDIBLE talent to stuff an ENTIRE POUND of fibery bits into this tiny little box. so when i opened it, i could only see what was on top, and could think of no better way to rifle through it all.....than to dump it on the kitchen floor. the monsters approved 100%, as you can see! seriously, they played in it for over an hour, and then cried when i put it up!

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