Thursday, May 8, 2008

killing spree, and fiber spree

well, the killing and fiber spree go hand-in-hand, actually. the fiber spree is killing all me money and any free time to blog or spin :/ i've been buying, buying, buying and not even half of it has come in yet....i live for receiving packages! but i'm not going to post any pics yet, i really want to to take pics of the whole mass together, so you can see the insanity/beauty!

so, this post will be another back track story, from the time-span of the evil *super-infected* computer.
Shearing Day!!!

on saturday the 26th, i traveled about 45 minutes away to enjoy a day of shearing! the lady i had emailed about the bug-infested llama fleece had invited me to her farm while she was shearing her 8-10 llamas, oh yeah, and take ANY AND ALL of the fleece i wanted!! what an opportunity! i mean, this doesn't happen everyday! every year, in april, they reserve a shearer for the day, and invite people from all over texas to come have their llamas sheared, all on one farm. and there were actually people that lived a couple of hours away that came. but it was a llama only event, and boy were they stars!

i was a little nervous because i had never met this lady before, didn't know where i was going, and knew there were going to be quite a few people there, and i have social anxiety.... that's why people think i'm weird when they meet me... little do they know i'm like that every day :P
AND i was supposed to bring my spinning wheel, and i was going to spin ALL day, and just have something for people to look at while waiting. but the night before, it rained cats and dogs *ALL night long* however, apparently it didn't rain ONE SINGLE DROP 45 minutes away! i think deloris was a little dissapointed, but everyone was too busy to care anyways! maybe next year, i'll take my wheel and spin for them as a way to thank her for her hospitality this year!
i arrive, and walk up to the little barn, and they are in full swing, they have a llama in the "shoot". they are like half way done, but this llama is pissed!! it was spitting and crying, and i have never seen either of these things happening, i've seen llamas in person, but not spitting! it was disgusting, i didn't know it smelled so bad!!! it was disgusting, and for good reason: apparently this "spit" is actually bile and/or stomach contents! *i learned alot that day!* anyhoo- although this was not a very good introduction to llama shearing, the rest of the day went off without a hitch, all of the remaining animals, except one, behaved beautifully! and deloris *the farm owner who invited me* was extremely nice, and tried very hard to make me feel welcome!

i just stood right there at the front of this little barn, watching all day long. i'm a big observer, i always have been, so it was fascinating to me. and the people were very nice and welcoming *no spitting involved here* most of them were repeat visitors, so they new i had never been there before. and i would ask people what they would do with their fibers if they were keeping them, and i was quite surprised that only a few people weren't keeping theirs! some of the people had family members involved in some form of fiber arts, they were a few spinners, and one lady whose neice is a weaver. but the people who weren't keeping their fleeces, were very generous to let me have them! it was a very lucky day for me!

top and bottom photo: two people who i'd never met who were generous enough to give their fiber to a good home!

so, the shearing continued pretty much all day, and i had to be there all day, too, because the farm owner's animals always went last *of course!* but she made the most scrumptious BBQ sandwiches on chiabata bread for the shearer and some friends who were helping, and even me! we had a nice little pic nic style lunch by the pond, then after we ate, her llamas were up!

the master at work, he brought his son along to help, and he kept calling his dad "the llama whisperer"! and he was! it was an interesting experience to watch him work.

unfortunately i had to leave pretty much the second they were done, to go pick up the kids, i felt kind of bad, i hope she wasn't offended. but it was a really fun day, and i'm super glad i went, dispite the searing sunburn i got only on my right shoulder, because of the way i was standing half in and half out of the barn *in pretty much the same place all day!* dur

i wish i had better pictures, but i was more interested in watching the shearing and playing with the llamas who were surrounding me! not to mention that i had to take the pics through the fence! these were deloris' llamas, coralled into the pin, there were ALOT more! *check the sweet lil' baby ones! how sweeet! one was three months and i think the other one was 8 or 9

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