Thursday, May 15, 2008

getting in a tangle with handspun

a couple of days ago, i awoke to the sounds of the little monsters messing around in our bedroom. after a few moments, i pulled my head up to see a trail of yarn snaking around the bottom of the bed, and down the hall.... in my exhausted state, i had left my plying project laying at the foot of the bed, with the yarn and the TWO BOBBINS of thread i was plying with from ON THE GROUND!!! i immediately scream to my husband who untangles our one year daughter, he does not understand the gravity of the situation. he stares at me, bewildered, as i'm frantically looking around assessing the damage. "just cut it off" he says nonchalantly. right. like it could be that simple! some people may think this is a simple solution, but not this beautiful yarn, i will not degrade THIS yarn! those beautiful peacock rovings that i painstakingly carded and pulled into roving, now lie with the handspun broken off below the wheel's orifice, the thread leading down to yards upon yards of my beautiful freshly spun yarn in a huge defeated lump on the floor. have you ever seen a HUGE tangled mess of fishing lure? that's what it looked like, i've had a lot of nightmarish things happen while spinning, but never anything as bad as this! i was furious, and knew if i wanted to keep my cool, i should just walk out of the room.

so there the lump sits, uncared for, and actually totally ignored by me, for a couple of days, untouched. yes, i'm avoiding it.

now, i consider myself an untangling expert. i used to sit patiently and untangle my mother's necklaces when they would become wound around one another at the bottom of her jewelry box. but this is HANDSPUN!!! so beautiful and fragile!!

it's devastating. i've worked on it a few times now, each time growing more impatient and frustrated with the whole damn thing. still not even CLOSE to being finished. and cursing myself the entire time for choosing to use TWO damn plying threads instead of one!!! DAMN YOU, SPINNING GODS!!!

this is spinning in the real world, damn it! no prince charmings or fairy godmothers, no magic wands, and no xanex!!

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