Friday, May 9, 2008


so, i must be honest, the past month or so has been absolutely void of any exciting inspiration or creativity. i know, drag. every one goes through dry spells, and i consider this a job just like any other.

so there i am, sitting at the computer, innocently searching through a ravelry spinning forum, which was pictureless i might add, not like fiber porn, when BAM!! it hits me like a bolt of lightening! and i felt that tingle in my loins! oh yes, it was a fiber artist's wet dream. and the funny thing is, i've had this very idea in my head for MONTHS! so i'm not sure what made it different this time, it was like a melting together of all the random ideas into one, and i had to card right away.

i got the idea to do a yarn with peacock feathers, like 6 months ago after seeing something like it in a magazine, but it was uninspired. and then, as if by magic, all these ingredients in my head just for the peacock feather yarn just came to my mind's eye, whispering, "put us all together, and we will be magnificent...." and i ran to the living room, pulled down my drum carder, and gathered all my ingredients.

and i new exactly what to do, and it was beautiful.

top and bottom: black tie affair being carded. and yes, that is a barn in the background :)

and there is actually more exciting news! i also learned a new technique! i wasn't initially drawn to a post about batts, but after reading most of the newer ones, i was running out of posts to read. well, little did i know that there was a link hidden inside it, to an amazing photo tutorial on flickr by askthebellwether about dizzing roving right off your drum carder! if this is something you'd be interested in, you should definately check it out! and these are my first-time results! ;)

roving after being pulled off the carder

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