Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spinning around kids

well, i am making slow but steading progress on my carding and bamboo yarn. so here are the updates!

the yarn is a just about done. i experimented with the plying of it with the honey colored silk, and decided i liked wrapping the bamboo around the silk instead of the other way around, which was my first idea. but the bamboo deserves to be on the outside, not hiding under the silk, it needs to be shown off! it is turning out beautifully, i also added some knots of the silk yarn, to give it some more textural interest. and the super-good news is: i'm going to have about half a bobbin of the silk left over!!!! i can't believe it, how lucky am i? i didn't like spinning it so much, but i am loving it now, i think i may buy some more, it was processed roving, and i just found it slippery and didn't care for having to fight it to stay in my hands, but that was also quite a long time ago, maybe now, with more experience under my belt, i can whip it into submission!!!!

the carding is also very closed to being done, i will probably finish it as soon as i stop blogging. i sort of hit a snag with the last 2 oz of the darker color. for some reason it just had more vm *which, of course, i never noticed before!* so it has been taking longer for me to pick out before carding, because i don't want it in my finished yarn. but the colors are all so amazing, i definately am going to buy more of this kind of cotton. instead of making something for my daughter, i am thinking of making either a hat or dread band for my hair. i only hats made out of wool, and nothing for summer, and being texas, it has been summer since january. *crying inside* i am excited to start spinning cotton, it should be fun, i'm thinking more of a worsted to bulky size yarn, 2 ply, and i know it will be slightly nubby because of the carding, it should be good!! and so, i must hurry and get the bamboo yarn off my wheel to make way for more summer yarns!!!

on an off-hand note, the bamboo would make a great yarn for any type of accessory for the head for summer, since it is antibacterial, and central texas is an oven! i don't like summer!!! i want it to be cool, and early spring!

i must also start looking for new yarn materials... i have some ideas knocking around up there... i think i may dye some silk caps soon, but i have no idea what i will use them for! stay tuned!!!!

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