Thursday, March 20, 2008

intro to blogging

so here goes my first attempt at blogging.
my mission statement: spinning in the real world is all about what beautiful knits and handspun yarns look like in the pages of glossy magazines, and what really happens in the real world, amidst kids and LIFE!!! any craft is all about dedication to what YOU want it to be, to turn out like. you don't just start spinning and out comes this gorgeous yarn, it takes time, and thought. most things never turn out the way i thought about them in my head, which is just the way i like it. you must take it as it comes. just as in anything else.

what i hope to be doing in the near future is to really get this blog up and running! i must find a good spot in our duplex to take pictures for the site, (i have never taken pics for the web here, my mother-in-law has a set up at her house, not to mention more experience, so i have her help me, but now that we have the web here, i need to learn to do all of this myself!)

i have a freshly-spun yarn straight off the bobbin from this morning that i will try to take pics of, and a newly finished (well, almost!) project knitted for my friend who is getting married on march 29th. more on those later...

i must go get the kids ready for their nap

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