Thursday, March 20, 2008

photos-setting up a blog

ok, have set up an account on photobucket for downloading all my pics and getting them to the blog. this is the part that is so time-consuming!!! i still haven't taken any new pics....i'm so intimidated! i wish i knew someone that had great advice for taking pictures of yarn! i also need pics for my etsy account, i had it all set up, but got tired of going to the library to manage it (not to mention the hour time-limit), but now that i can do everything from home, i need to relist my items that expired on etsy, i'm trying to build an empire here!!!
*if only i could do it all during nap time!*
i'm thinking about getting a list of WIP's going and of course finished projects. hopefully it will motivate me to resume work on some of the projects i haven't worked on i while!

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