Monday, March 24, 2008

going, going, gone

so, with the holidays here, i have been hard-pressed to find time to finish any of my current spinning projects. i continued to spin the rainbow bamboo, but made only minimal progress. i finished carding the cream cotton, i was happy about that! it takes me forever to card, because i get very involved. i like to do alot of the work FOR the carder. i'm obsessive, so it's hard for me to just put a lump of cotton on the feed-in tray, and go for it *i need to work on that! i like to pull it all apart, and make little cotton clouds. it's fun to watch it come apart! it starts in this sort of condensed blob *it looks like the nasty cotton you would pull out of the medicine bottles!* but instantly when you pull it apart, it reveals it's true qualities! you can literally SEE how soft it is! i since i haven't previously worked with this material much, it's interesting to see how short it is!!!

anyways, so i finished the cream and started on the slightly reddish-tan color! it's great, i'm almost half-way through with it also. reddish-brown cotton *the color is a little bit light in this photo, bottom photo is truest color-isn't she a beauty!

these are the prettiest little batts!!!

and then i have 2 oz of of a light tan left. i've been thinking about the design of the yarn.... i have weird amounts of colors (1 oz cream, 1 oz reddish-tan, and 2 oz light tan), so i'm thinking i will make a varriegated stripey single of the cream and reddish color, and then a single of the light tan, and then ply the two together. it will be interesting to see final outcome of the colors in one yarn!

on a side note: i picked up some VERY interesting stuff from the craft store on easter sale!!! i'm not sure if i want to divulge my secrets yet, but i WILL give two hints!
1) easter grass
2)VINTAGE-style easter grass
i know it sounds boring, but it's not...i've never seen either of these products before

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