Friday, March 28, 2008

information junky

so, i know it's been a while since i've blogged, but the past few days, i've been on upload. since it's been so long since i've been able to truly *surf* the net, i have so many crafty things i want to look up, and right now i'm looking for some stuff to fill up my dwindling stash, since i've been working so hard to get new stuff up on etsy. but more about buying stuff later, for now i'll give you the updates on my spinning!

i finally finished carding my cotton and have begun the arduous task of spinning it! i knew it would be tricky, after all i've heard about how hard it is to spin, but i didn't think it would be this unpleasant! i work on it at least an hour straight each day *i would usually do more, when i'm not on canstant upload to the brain!!!* but i've not even gotten a quarter of the bobbin filled yet, today was spent searching for long draw techniques and other tips for spinning cotton. i just cannot do the long draw!!! it drives me crazy! since i began spinning this technique appealed to me, but still it eludes me! i'm not sure what it takes to master this, i'm almost positive one day it will just *click* i spent many hours today looking at spinning videos on youtube, which, btw, you might be surprised at how man there are. there is one poster i particularly like, her username is rexenne, she is CRAZY, but her videos are filled with sooo much info, and honestly most of the other videos bordered on putting me to sleep! so the humor is nice, it keeps you entertained, even just because you're going *omg, come look at this chick* she has a vid called fiber porn, i think that sums up any spinners feeling! anyways, i'm hoping the cotton will start coming together a little faster, i must force myself to devote more time to it, it would more inspiring if i was making more progress!

yesterday i washed and two skeins of yarn, my rainbow mohair curls yarn, and my rainbow bamboo yarn, i know it sounds so repetitive, i didn't even realize it until just now, but if you've been keeping up with me, they look TOTALLY different! anyhoo-this of course means my pics were pre-wash! i know, i'm bad, i was just so excited to get them done, i had to post pics, i will be taking more pics though, and getting those posted, as well as changing the ones on my etsy, no one has bought anything yet, so i wasn't in a hurry to set the twist. but now i can post the bamboo yarn, i haven't done that one yet.

now for the stash rebuild, i have been shopping around for different types of cotton to broaden my current research on the subject. i want to see if all cotton is truly so hard to spin, or if it was just the preperation that makes mine so difficult, i will be getting either carder roving or combed top, not sure yet, i did hear carder roving is EASIER for beginners like myself however! i found some beautifully dyed punis on, but they were $16 for an OUNCE!!! how ridiculous!!! i was so ready to buy them, but for that, you've got to be kidding me! maybe it was an error, don't know. and i desperately need a wraps per inch tool. i'm so over doing it on wooden spoons! lol

well, it's uber-late, and i am SO wanting some ice cream, so, i'm going to retreat for tonight.....wish me luck on my spinning *fingers crossed!!!*

PS-i may be making a last-minute to a spinning supply store about 35 minutes away from here tomorrow, i haven't been in a really long time, and i know they had cotton when i was there last, so here's to hoping i can make it out of the house tomorrow!!!

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