Friday, March 21, 2008

busy busy busy

today was non-stop working. i was hoping to take new pics because the ones i took yesterday were too dark, but i never got around to it. i have really been wanting to get more yarns up on my etsy store, so i posted the one i finished yesterday:

rainbow mohair curls

this i a 2 ply super bulky (avg. 4-5 wpi)one ply darky grey to white varriegated corriedale and 2nd ply rainbow-dyed mohair curls. this mohair was the most EXTRAVAGANT mohair i have every spun! i usually pass up mohair, becuase i'm not a fan of the way it spins up, but i couldn't resist the rainbow! and my intuition was right! it is literally the softest and best quality of mohair i have every encountered! i put it up for sale today on my etsy store, i hope someone falls in love with it!

i also carded some cotton, which actually turned out be a great experiment! the first time i ever carded cotton, it was a DISASTER! i had bought some BEAUTIFUL naturally-colored brown, tan and cream cotton, which was mostly processed, all that was left was some VM. not having cotton cards, i sat down to card on my wool carders. BIG MISTAKE! somehow, most of the cotton ended up on my mouth *lesson learned, they actually have different types of carders for a reason, not just to scam you for extra $$$* it was horrible. so before i ruined anymore of the cotton, i gave up. 6 months later, i thought about trying again, this time on my drum carder, and after emailing the company to make SURE my Strauch Petite could take it *they say their carders can blend ANYTHING without having to use different carding cloths, but i was still unsure of such a short fiber, this cotton must be 3/4 of an inch* they said to sandwich it between mohair, and all should be well. IT WORKED! i was over the moon! now i can spin my beautiful cotton! especially since we have already had two months of summer in central texas, i can't take anymore wool!!!! i'm thinking about making something my daughter, either a hat or a dress, but i'm not sure if i'll have enough for a dress, maybe a shirt, i'll have to see how it goes!

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