Friday, April 25, 2008

broken computer makes way for LOADS of new yarns!!

so, it's been a couple of weeks since i've updated, but for good reason. our computer apparently is suffering from multiple personality dissorder. it decides what it wants to load or not, whether or not you can use the internet at all, and what settings it will choose to change. it's weird, there's obviously something seriously wrong with it, but we don't have the money to fix it :(

and of course, this is just about the only website it will absolutely NOT let me get on *today was a lucky accident* anyhoo, so until we get it fixed, my posts will probably be very sparse.

on the other hand, we have a lot of good news to report! i made my first actual sale on etsy! oh yeah, not a trade, but an unsolicited buy!!! i'm so happy! and the first to go? the rainbow bamboo yarn! i hope the girl likes it and can give it a good purpose in life! i also added some new stuff, after the trade and the sale, i only had 3 yarns left. so, i added the the ballet shoes yarn, and the super kid mohair yarn. these are great yarns, the ballet shoes is one of my favorites! it's super soft and squishy finn wool *probably my favorite wool i've ever worked with!*, and it has tons of ribbons and vintage rick rack poking out all over like a bad hair day! the colors of the trims are super sweet, little girly colors, hence the name, it's like a 5 year old's ballet recital translated into yarn. there are 2 skeins, but i put them up as one listing on my etsy. they are identical yarn, except the plying thread. on the first yarn, i used a rainbow sparkly thread, and much to my surprise, i ran out. i scoured every store looking for another spool, and after months of no luck, i decided i would have to make do, and use the same brand thread, in a different color; irridescent pearl. so, although both are spun the same way, i wouldn't want someone to find out half way through a project that they were slightly different, this is why i'm selling them as one lot of 2 mini-skeins. but they are awesome, i almost want to keep this one for myself! every time i pick it up, i just have to squeeze it, the wool is magnificent!

ballet shoes yarn on bobbin

both ballet shoes yarns; one ball and one skein

the super kid mohair yarn is AMAZING!!! it is one ply commercial yarn and one ply handspun mohair in a few different greens, yellow, and a tiny bit of purple. i spun the single quite a long time ago, but didn't have anything to use it with *it was a color-blending experiment i did when i first bought my drum carder* the adult mohair is plied with a commercial baby blue super kid mohair yarn, and this stuff feels like cashmere!! and the resulting yarn looks really great, it's 290 yards *and is super-jumbo skein, it's a monster!!*

super kid mohair yarn


i also finished two other yarns; the COTTON yarn *rejoice!!!* and i started and finished a new bamboo yarn. i waited forever to ply the cotton yarn, because after i spun the singles, i really thought i was going to HATE the final product. so it sat there, unloved, until last night, i ran out of what i was spinning, and didn't want to get up :P and guess what was sitting right there on the floor next to my wheel? you got it....the cotton. so i just did it. and turns out, i LOVE the plied yarn! it turned so much better than i could've expected! it's all lumpy and bumpy and irregular, and it's just the type of yarn i LOVE!!! such a happy surprise, and i got TONS more yardage than i thought, 195 yards! i didn't think i'd get anywhere near that! so now i'm thinking since it's way more than expected, i just may put this one up on my etsy, too, but i'm not sure yet...

the final yarn *yes, i was very busy while i was away* is another roving of bamboo, from the same lady that i got the rainbow bamboo roving. this is almost the exact opposite, though. it's very springy tones in yellow, green, purple and a light blue *not quite baby, more cerulean blue* it's really pretty and refreshing. i spun a thin single and then navajo plied it. this is one of my favorite techniques! i just love the hand movements, to me it's very relaxing! this one will go up on my etsy, as soon as i get pics taken! :) and i'm probably going to be ordering more from bamboo from her soon i get the chance on this damn computer! :S

so everybody cross their fingers, and wish me good luck, and maybe i can this infernal piece of machinery up and running again! and btw, i have lots more to update about, but i hate reading other blogs when the posts are super check back shortly!

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