Thursday, April 10, 2008

discovering a whole new ETSY

i haven't talked much about my etsy store on my blog yet, so today i'm going to give you a basic rundown of how that started off, up to present time, and how things are going there.

when i first started etsy, we didn't have the net, and i was like 6 months pregnant. i had to go to the library to update everything and they have a one hour restriction limit, so it was always *hurry up, get pics up, write a horrible description* no wonder i never sold anything. so, after i had the baby, i just gave up, i wasn't dragging her along every time, bothering the people who go to the library for some peace and quiet. so my listings went inactive *they are only good for four months* and i just forgot about it. we wanted internet FOREVER, but we just never had the money with all of our other interests! finally we just decided that was it. so after alot of working, i got all my items relisted and waited...... nothing happened. still no buys. i was dissapointed to say the least. i never was active in the etsy community, didn't ever visit anyone else's shop, hell, i didn't even know all the AWESOME ways you can shop on etsy *pounce *my fav*, shopping locally *great for green people!* treasuries, they're all pretty cool! once i started looking around, i discovered this whole new world, and i fell in love with etsy all over again! i TOTALLY redid my shop, i'm currently having a shop sale *hint, hint, go check it out! ;)* and found some pretty neat ways to try to promote my shop, contacting other sellers, i'm even working on a trade with raimbowtree who does awesome accessories! i'm excited, i hope this will help get my name out there. i'm now set up to do custom work through alchemy *people can post listings of things they want made, and then sellers can bid on the chance to make it for them*. i just hope it picks up, i love what i do, but i don't really use yarns for myself, i just like to do stuff for other people, that's why i want my etsy store to work out. i'm investing alot of time into lately, but i also really enjoy it :D

today i asked my husband to get my fiber stash box out for me, i've been wanting to go through it so bad, but it was behind a bunch of stuff and i couldn't get to it *you try to fit a married couple, two kids, and alot of hobbies into a tiny two-bedroom duplex :S anyhoo, he got it, and i was astonished to see tons of stuff i had completely forgotten about while i was riffling through it, throwing fibers all around the living room! there were a bunch of left over handspun yarns from previous projects, some were enough to list on etsy! but i was overjoyed to find some more stuff to work with because i was getting a little bored! and i really need to get some stuff done that i started spinning a long time ago, and didn't know what to do with! all these ideas were just pouring out of my head! so now i'm trying to get some of the easier yarns done sooner *ones that only need to plied and stuff like that* so can build up some inventory in my shop. this is going to sound really dorky, but working at my shop makes me feel really proud, like I DID THIS... AND I WANT TO TELL EVERYBODY!!!!!

update on the llama fleeces:
from the highest high to the lowest low. turns out, apparently the llamas or barn DO have bugs. i have no idea what's going on. i've emailed a bunch of local people trying to figure it out. the bags of fleece sat in my kitchen, and i went to check on them, open it up, guess what?!?! there's bugs. i'm just speachless. after all those hours of sorting and skirting, and the wasted money driving over there... it's a bummer. oh well. i'm probably going to have to resort to throwing them out, even without knowing what the bugs are. i almost mistook them for tiny bits of vm, they're so small and a very light tan color, until you watch it for a minute, and they're moving. it's got to be mites, i don't think it's lice, never seen lice, but i've heard it's white, it's definately not ticks or fleas, and mites are the only other thing that i can find through my research that will live on llamas. oh well.


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