Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a contest of irony

ok, so things have been running smoothly here, still going on the cotton yarn. i have given up trying to learn the long draw with cotton, i am still going to learn it, just NOT on cotton, i think i bit off a little more than i could chew there! maybe with some merino, i heard that is a good wool to learn on, and since i'm uber-experienced with it. i've resigned myself to the meter-worm method, much like the inch worm method, except literally BARELY moving my fingers apart! but i'm up to half a bobbin, and almost done with the first ply!! YAY!!!

i looked on pluckyfluff.com today and saw she did an interview on crafster, so i checked it out. along with the podcast interview, they are having a contest *it's running until march 11th* about spinning stories! they could be funny, inspiring, whatever, HOW IRONIC!!! so it was very befitting that i post my bamboo disaster. the winner gets pluckyfluff's new book intertwined *which, of course, i already own...and love, but i will take two, and this one would come with an awesome story, IF i win* i think it's hilarious, i don't even care if there WAS a prize, i would've entered anyways!

i'm thinking about what i'm going to spin next... i know, it's a little early, haha, but i can't help it! i was thinking i really want to knit socks, and it just so happens i have a spinning project on my traveller already *my poor ashford has been so neglected since i got my little gem, i can't help it, it's just SOOO beautiful, and the treadling is so smooth!* anyways, i never finished this yarn, i don't even remember why, but it's a commercially processed, i don't know if it was hand dyed or not, but it was such an amazing color way, i had to buy it. it's all fall colors *probably my favorite colors* i'm such a neo hippie! and the yarn is great, i've already plied a sample skein, navajo plied, to keep the color changes intact. i'll have to take some pictures. so next i think i'll finish that one, BUT i also need to spin more yarns for my etsy, damn cotton yarn! it just so happens i've never multi-tasked any spinning projects *of course, i just got my little gem this x-mas* so maybe i need to LEARN! i still need to figure out what i'm going to do for my easter surprise yarn: i know you have no idea what i'm talking about, because i'm being so sneaky *hehe* but i'm so excited i really want it to be a surprise! i suppose i'll have to do some samples, i don't even know how i'm going to prepare it yet, adding elements while spinning, or carding everything together.

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