Tuesday, June 3, 2008

going postal.....

ugh, i've been meaning to post for the last couple of days, honest, i have!!! there's been some trouble in paradise. but before i go there, i have alot of GOOD news! i would like to note that i've made some changes to my layout!! i have added some new functions *yay, flickr badge!!* and changed some things around to try and make it a little easier to navigate. i also changed my font size in an effort to make it easier to read, because i hate trying to read small fonts, as i'm sure everyone else does!

i've also been updating my flickr with more current handspun and created that nifty badge, so you can now have access to my pictures. when i created my flickr account, i wasn't very thrilled about it, in fact i only did it because i'm a craftster addict, and i thought it would be easier to upload my pics, and i quite like flickr desktop uploading function, it's a little easier than the online uploading. anyways, my point is, i'm trying to keep EVERYTHING more up to date, not only to make it easier on me, but for my few blog readers *if any :b* can have more access to my handspun pictures, all in one place!

i hadn't mentioned this previously on the blog, but i was trying to get rid of my hand carders. the poor things only sat gathering dust as i was never exactly a proficient carder anyway, and almost as soon as i got handcards, i wanted a drum carder!! *it's just my nature, what can i say?* but then when i got interested in spinning cotton *and had that horrible failed attempt at carding it on my wool carders* i started wishing that i had fine hand carders so i could spin from punis *and if i would've known that i would only be spinning fine wools to begin with, i would've bought those in the first place, as they can be used for ANY fine fiber!* so anyways, i started whoring them out on ravelry. i posted in every sale/destashing/trading group and i got a reply almost immediately from a lady that wanted to trade her cotton carders for mine. i was so excited, and i spent so much time talking to her, but then she realized that hers were mini, and i knew i didn't want to go down in size. that was the first sale the bottomed out. the second woman that expressed interest, i don't know what was up with her. i gave her all the long, drawn out specs, and she just never contacted me again, i tried to contact her twice more, and she kept giving me these weird excuses. so i forgot about her, too. then finally, a girl contacted me that was willing to pay what i considered fair for them *as they were practically brand new and the shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation, was over $10!!!* she was extremely nice, and very grateful to get a pair of carders in such great condition, and was excitedly telling me about how she had plans to use them with her daughter over summer vacation! *heart melting...awww!* so i finally got them sold, she received them in only a few days, and everyone's happy!!! now, hopefully sometime soon i can the cotton carders, because that money went straight back into the business. oh well, some day soon!

speaking of business, i had heard of these things called "moo cards" and thought it was weird at the time, but i never checked it out. then, i was reading someone else's blog *can't remember whose* saying they had just ordered them, and how awesome they are, so i went to check them out. turns out, moo *actual name!* is a company that prints these mini "calling cards" but the thing that makes them freakin awesome is that you can use ANY of your own photos, put any text on the back, and you get 100 for 20 bucks!!! how freakin cool is that?!?! i have been wanting to get business cards for a while now, but i'm glad i procrastinated so long!!! i'm actually in the process of ordering right now, picking out my pics and such... but i have no idea what i'm going to put on the back! i get nervous about that kind of stuff, what if i sound totally stupid? i have so many ridiculous anxiety/ paranoias! so although it will probably take me the rest of the day to perfect the text part, i'm psyched!! and this is one business expense i'm actually excited about!!

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