Wednesday, June 4, 2008

going postal.... Part II

so, you may be thinking that my last post just kind of dropped off the earth there at the end....close, it was our internet. turns out, we never got a bill for the service *they apparently had the wrong address*....and somehow we mystically forgot to pay the bill..... that's my side of the story, anyhow! so, without notice our internet connection cuts off right in the middle of the last post, and subsequently, the hour or more i had spent getting everything just right for my moo cards, was lost. que sara...

here starts the bad luck part of yesterday's post-cut-short:

the last week has been spent corresponding with 4 different companies and sellers about LOST packages!!! it was exhausting, not to mention that my brain is so damaged from my earlier years, that i can't remember anything.

the first package i got was actually the day after i contacted everyone. it had never been lost, it just took a while for the payment to reach the seller *who only takes money orders...STILL*

another package had been shipped from around Massachusets to my hometown in texas. after over a week, i contact the seller *helloyarn*, who was very sweet, and then very concerned to find out that somehow the package was only about an hour NORTH of her. boston to texas, you can't get much more SOUTH than that!!! it stayed in NJ for a couple of days until all the sudden, the next day it was on my doorstep! so neither of us have ANY CLUE what happened there! i'd actually like to know how they got it from NJ to TX in one day, it could be helpful for my business in the future!! lol, i guess the package just jumped out of the truck... you see? EVERYBODY hates texas in the summer!!!

the last two packages had actually been sitting in the neighborhood's communal mailbox for an unknown ammount of time. our *new* mail man put the parcels in the mail box, but we never received a key for it, not to mention, he always drops the packages off at the house, so i had no reason to suspect they were there! can you believe that?!?! less than a block away! so i'm waiting and waiting, and i've contacted the two sellers. one was from etsy *lindabelinda*, and she was AMAZING about the whole ordeal!! she promised to send another one out as soon as she got back into town, and even refunded my money!!

the other seller *a larger company* was not so nice, and was not in the least bit helpful. they had delivery confirmation on the package they sent, and according to the tracking number, it had been delivered to my house. i assured them no such thing had happened. and since usps states on their website that the seller of an item is responsible to make ANY lost package claims, i requested that they do so. not only did they NOT do it, they literally just ignored me!!! they would send response emails, but they would just say "the confirmation number says it's been delivered" and that was EVERY email they sent me!!! it was like a spam email:

is anybody out there?!?!?!....

are you HUMAN????.....

i was not going to stand for that crap, so i contacted usps myself. they never said anything along the lines of me not being able to make a claim (?) and the guy was very nice and assured me that i had done the right thing by calling them. two days later, i get a voicemail from the local post office saying the packages have been in the box the entire time, waiting for me to pick them up. not wanting to argue, i go pick up their spare mail box key, and head off to rescue my packages!!

oh, i almost forgot the best part! as an added F_you bonus, the box from the android company sent me a sweet little bonus!!

some kind of gigantic mutant ants, these are big even by texas standards!

and believe it or not, they were MAILED inside there! now i'm not saying that they knew there were ants in the box when they mailed it, but they COVERED the box in packing tape and there was no possible way those ants got in there on the trip here. i just can't imagine how they didn't notice them in the first place?!?! and i can bet those ants were pretty pissed after staying in that mailbox in the 90 degree weather with no food, i'm astonished they actually survived!!! they're probably africanized....

at any rate, i'm just glad it's all worked out, and i felt bad for being so angry at the robot customer service company, EVEN THOUGH they were no help at all, but this was OBVIOUSLY not their fault. and i also sent lindabelinda's money straight back to her *again*

speaking of linda, not only was she amazing, but i also really love what i ordered from her, so i'm doing a little plug for her:

she sells yarn "caddies" for guarding your current project yarn while in use to keep your cats, kids, and any other pets or wild family members from turning it into a bird's nest. they're really cute, too! she has great pictures in her etsy store of them. i put mine to use straight out of the package, and they work great! so go check them out!!!

oh, i have been doing some actual spinning lately! here's the black tie affair roving all spun up!!

i L-O-V-E how this one turned out! i spun the roving with a low twist and then thread it wrapped with a variegated cotton and a blue-green metallic thread- it makes the yarn look really cool!

and this one's already been spoken for, even before i got it up on etsy! i'm trading another seller for some of her prints, one is a print from an original painting of hers, the other is a pen & ink print. her stuff is really cool, you should check her out!

bee's knees industries

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